What Are Some Tips to Help a Painting Company Run More Efficiently?

How would you run your painting company more efficiently? Well, that has been one of the main challenges that painting businesses have to put up with as they endeavor to bring clients to their painting business. Most companies know they need to make deliberate efforts and dedicate time to marketing, but which are the strategies that work efficiently with your target audience?

Target the Residential Clients

While focusing on residential clients, it needs a different strategy to attain success. To start with, you will need to have a well-established google business painters Pittsburgh profile. Create a website that will target the local clients indicating the services you offer—carryout intensive social media and search engine marketing for your company. Also, you can try out direct and digital mails. Be sure to have professional business cards and eventually ensure you get social media profiles that will showcase the kind of work you have performed in the past.

Employ Right Candidates for the Job

You won’t need to go hunting for jobs yourself. Instead, hire a competent field manager who is well vast with the scope of the job. It gives you an opportunity to brainstorms and establishes the best approach for the job. It is worth ensuring everyone has the same understanding of the business. That will do away with any confusion as the company kicks off since everyone understands what is expected of them.

Wrangle Your Customer List
The only difference between those painters companies that make it and those that don’t is how each company keeps track of its customers. Keep track of your customers as your business continues to grow. So long as customers engage you in the bid process, ensure to keep in touch. You can invest in useful software such as customer relationship management software for painters built to capture and track interactions with your customers.

Final line
To succeed in the painting business, you will need to focus on precisely what your customers needs. Start small and pick the initiatives that you feel will be the best match for you.

Simple Gear For Paint Contractors

concrete wheelbarrow easy travel gear

Being a paint contractor isn’t easy. Trust me I know. I used to work for one before becoming my own boss. I remember how my old boss would use 5 gallon buckets to haul around his tools. How he always seemed to be missing tools. How tools always seemed to pop back up as if by magic. Well, not you. I’m going to give you some tips to help making hauling your gear a little bit easier without putting a huge dent in your budget.

To get my brain juice flowing on what sorts of gear a paint contractor would need I came across a painter at this link that went into detail about painting. This sparked some ideas.

You might think this obvious, but the first tip I have is buy a dependable wheelbarrow. Note the keyword here “dependable”. That’s the key to this tip. Anybody can get a rusty old wheelbarrow, but if it is not dependable transporting things will be anything but easy. After doing some searching and researching online about wheelbarrows three came to light: Jackson M6T22, True Temper, and Ames CP6PS. Those aught to make travel easy enough.

Paint contractors do a lot of walking. Walking requires a good pair of shoes. The better the shoes the easier the travel. After researching what shoes work best on a contractor’s foot I discovered several: Sketchers USA Sergeants, Timberland White Ledge, and Carhartt Mudrunner. Some of the things that make for easy travel are the built in cushioned soles and breathable footbeds. Feels good travel is easy travel and a good pair of rubber work boots should be a part of any paint contractor’s easy travel gear.

So that’s all for this post folks. We listed 6 different easy travel gear items that will make any paint contractor happy. Stay tuned for more easy travel gear for small business.

Top 3 Concrete Contractor Gear


So you’re a concrete contractor. Now what?

Well, for starters you need a good set of gear. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

The top 3 things every concrete contractor should have in their gear box.

The first piece of gear is a wheelbarrow. This handy piece of equipment may seem simple enough, but it is very versatile and can move rocks and debris from point a to b.

The next piece of gear I read about on this website. A portable concrete mixer. Why? Do I really need to answer that? Because you need to be able to mix up small batches of concrete for those smaller jobs like residential. Not to mention it makes for a smoother concrete pour.

Finally, the one we’ve all been waiting for: Vapour Barriers. What’s that you say? Well you may know them as vapour retarders. This handy dandy little tool helps give strength to your concrete. Super concrete. You place this puppy over your concrete right after you pour it and it prevents moisture from evaporating which weakens your concrete. And we can’t have weak concrete and call ourselves a contractor. No sir.

So that’s all for today good people. Join me later for more awesome gear for small business.