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What is Dry Camping? Best Boondocking Tips

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What is dry camping? The best answer to this question is adventure camping. Ok, that does not describe anything. But to tickle your fancy a bit, just imagine a scenario where you have decided to go car camping, or RV, or camper camping but you actually never make it to the campsite. So you consult your map to see where …

Best Womens Waterproof Hiking Shoes

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Are you a hiking enthusiast and not even wet weather is going to keep you indoors? Women need a nice pair of shoes on their feet, one that is both comfortable, warm and made specifically for their dainty and delicate feet. Thankfully, you can now buy the best womens waterproof hiking shoes and take every opportunity to hike and enjoy …

21 Tips for Hiking with Kids

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Hiking with kids is a lot of fun. You can regale each other with stories, and if you like, you can make it a good family experience. It is bonding time. When they are all grown and gone, your children will remember you for the simple fun activities that you took together. They will not remember you for the school …