Choosing Best Winter Jackets for Extreme Cold Camping and Hiking

Image of best winter jackets for extreme cold

Apparently, there is more to buying the best winter jackets for extreme cold camping, hiking backpacking and other outdoor adventures than meets the eye. When the outdoor gene runs in your DNA, you know nothing short of a blizzard will keep you at home. So you get your warmest boots for winter on and go. It is a tough, cold world out …

New Hammock Sleeping System For Hammock and Ground Camping

Image of hammock sleeping system

A hammock sleeping system is one of the best innovations of our time. Hiking, backpacking and hammock camping has never been more fun than it is with this gear. Where you would traditionally have to carry a hammock of your choice, a backpacking sleeping bag, or a tent for camping, it is much easier for you now. You just need …

What Are The Warmest Boots On The Planet for Winter Hiking?

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Are you looking for the warmest boots on the planet for hiking or camping in winter? I am prompted to ask; could you be going hiking or backpacking in Iceland, Siberia, or the Arctic Circle? But then, apart from a blizzard, tsunami or Hurricane Katrina, no other weather is going to keep an outdoor enthusiast inside. Not to worry though. Even …