Image of child carrier backpack for 4 year old

How To Choose A Hiking Child Carrier Backpack For 4 Year Old

To buy or not to buy a child carrier backpack for 4 year old? That is the question… all credit to William Shakespeare. Back to our topic now, if you are a first-time parent to a 4 year old, you must be wondering a few things. One of them is ...
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Image of What should I wear hiking in cold weather

What Should I Wear Hiking In Cold Weather?

Many women who love hiking ask: What should I wear hiking in cold weather and look fashionable? Well, you will be spoilt for choice. There are so many stylish and fashionable hiking outfits just for you. You can look as smashing as you want on the cold trails. A beautiful ...
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Image of cold weather camping checklist

Cold Weather Camping Checklist To Keep You Warm and Alive

If you are going camping or hiking this winter, you must have a comprehensive cold weather camping checklist. Ok, I have already shown you how you can insulate your camping tent for warmth. As a true outdoor enthusiast, you know very well that nothing is ever going to keep you ...
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image of easy hiking trails in Sedona

Easy Hiking Trails in Sedona – Hike in Sedona in December

If you would love to hike in winter, you will find hiking in Sedona in Arizona very rewarding. There are tens of easy hiking trails in Sedona, a true hiking paradise with picturesque scenes along the way. There are incredible red rock formations, creating a wonderful backdrop on the hiking ...
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Image of insulating a tent

13 Tested Tips for Insulating A Tent For Winter Camping

You do not have to buy a new 4-season tent for winter camping if you do not have money. You can consider insulating a tent for winter camping. Camping in the cold is a lot of fun. Knowing how to heat a tent without electricity is even more fun. Well, ...
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