Top 3 Concrete Contractor Gear


So you’re a concrete contractor. Now what?

Well, for starters you need a good set of gear. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

The top 3 things every concrete contractor should have in their gear box.

The first piece of gear is a wheelbarrow. This handy piece of equipment may seem simple enough, but it is very versatile and can move rocks and debris from point a to b.

The next piece of gear I read about on this website. A portable concrete mixer. Why? Do I really need to answer that? Because you need to be able to mix up small batches of concrete for those smaller jobs like residential. Not to mention it makes for a smoother concrete pour.

Finally, the one we’ve all been waiting for: Vapour Barriers. What’s that you say? Well you may know them as vapour retarders. This handy dandy little tool helps give strength to your concrete. Super concrete. You place this puppy over your concrete right after you pour it and it prevents moisture from evaporating which weakens your concrete. And we can’t have weak concrete and call ourselves a contractor. No sir.

So that’s all for today good people. Join me later for more awesome gear for small business.